The Frieze of American History

The frieze occupies an 8 foot 4 inch band immediately below the 36 windows and its bottom edge is 58 feetbove the rotunda floor. It is painted to appear as a carved stone relief frieze but is actually done in true fresco cycle. The original frieze of 16 scenes was designed by Brumidi and traces America's history from its discovery by Columbus to the discovery of gold in California. After Brumidi's death, Filippo Costaggini completed the eight and a half remaining scenes following Brumidi's sketches. However, when he finished the frieze in 1889, a gap of over 31 feet remained which was later filled with the three panels painted by Allyn Cox.

To view the entire Frieze, place your mouse cursor over the right side of the image to move the image right and the left side to move left. Move the cursor off the image and it will stop.

America and History

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